(Letters to God)
Dear God,
putting my feelings into writing can wake many souls from the dungeon, keeping it to myself can be boring and unbearable and sometimes sharing it can either attract Criticism, Pathos or Sympathy. Some awkward feeling makes me believe that life is a daily routine hunting me to ask questions like; Are you living or existing? What is really my purpose? Am I going to the right because it’s right or left because they all left? What is driving me? And who is looking up to me?
It feels like a very heavy burden that punctures even the nerves and it makes me feel like a sultan in a dilemma but am being left in the pace of choosing which feeling to surf; is it the sadness I see in the eyes of a crying baby? The hurt a mother feels loosing a child? The depression you feel even when you don’t know the reason? I’m really trying to subdue my shadow from overshadowing me.
Sometimes I’m being rate by my birth date, why? Who made me an introvert? Why do tears drop when the heart feels pain? Why do I smell my DNA connecting to the people who are not likeminds? Who am I?
I just keep wondering if the real me knows that she’s tormenting the frame that is carrying out her commands. I parent my emotions and feelings but at times it doesn’t need my permission to fluctuate, they do as they please for no reason.
God! This is my letter to yhu,heal whosoever that is feeling the same way and brighten our path.
Inspired by Ety Christo

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